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:: Rome : Trastevere
Our experience here was shockingly bad. I ordered a bottle of Collio Bianco, and the waiter brought out instead a bottle of Tocai Friulano. I like Tocai Friulano, but I had specifically asked for something else, so I pointed this out to the waiter. He informed me that the bottle he had brought was a white wine from Collio. Indeed, I could see that it was a white wine from Collio, I replied, but I had ordered a specific wine, and this was not it! After finally being served the correct wine, we attempted to order some antipasti. The same surly waiter tried to tell us that we could not order what we were asking for, because it was only available as part of the set tasting menu. Incredulous, I pointed out the items we wanted on the a la carte section of the menu. Well, he replied, that may be, but these were old menus, and therefore the prices were incorrect. Why, I asked, were we given "old" menus (they looked brand new), and what was the "new" price??? In the end we did get the antipasti, but not without a level of hassle that I have not experienced in any other restaurant in Italy. By the end of the evening I could say that the food was good and the garden setting lovely, but the service so soured our experience there that we will never go back.

Taverna Trilussa Trastevere    €€

Via del Politeama 23-25 (00153)  Google Map
Tel. 06-581-8918

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