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Enoteca Al Brindisi

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Enoteca al Brindisi, located in a spot that has been serving up la cucina ferrarese since at least 1435, claims to be l’osteria più antica nell mondo. (Another interesting historical note: Copernicus apparently lived in the upstairs apartment while studying at the local university.) Kevin and I sat right across the table from one another, and, oddly, it was almost as if we were at two totally different restaurants. He ordered one of the fixed price menus, the "tradizionale,” which included a local wine matched to each course; while I ordered a la carte and took a (non-local) wine recommendation from our waiter. My meal was to die for, while Kevin’s meal was...forgettable. Neither of us cared too much for the ferrarese specialty salamina da sugo, essentially salami boiled in water for 5 hours and then served thinly sliced. The waiter told us that one of the local wines Kevin tried “nasce qui e muore qui” – in other words, no one outside of Ferrara drinks it. We thought there was good reason for this. I, on the other hand, enjoyed a totally delightful plate of cappellacci di zucca, little “hats” stuffed with pumpkin and tossed in melted butter and fresh sage, accompanied by a knockout Sicilian white wine, “Bidis” by Valle Dell’Acate (a blend of chardonnay and inzolia grapes). I would definitely go back to Al Brindisi – being sure to stick with la carta and to avoid those very...interesting local wines.

Enoteca Al Brindisi
Via degli Adelardi, 11, Ferrara
Tel. 0532-209-142

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