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Piccolo Abruzzo

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:: Rome : Via Veneto
Ready for a dinner where they just keep bringing you food, food, and more glorious food? This is the place – go hungry!

Piccolo Abruzzo    €€
Via Sicilia, 237 (00187)
Tel. 06-4282-0716


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:: Rome : Via Veneto
A little piece of heaven right across the street from the embassy! Very thoughtfully prepared food and beverages for various occasions:  a quick bite or caffé in the bar downstairs, a couple of small lunch plates in the little “box” upstairs, or a full-on sit-down meal with great wine at the tables upstairs.  Wonderful staff, creative fresh food.  My favorite place for classic Roman-style artichokes (upstairs, in season).

Moma    € / €€
Via San Basilio, 42 (00187)
Tel. 06-4201-1798, 06-4782-1058

I Colori del Vino

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:: Rome : Via Veneto
The pace is very relaxed at this lovely, recently redecorated enoteca situated a few blocks from the American embassy. Choose from a discerning list of wines by the glass, pick a bottle from the shelves, or go with a bottle recommended by the knowledgable staff. A small but very enticing selection of Italian and French formaggi and salumi beckons from the glass case at the bar (there is even Spanish pata negra ham). The calm, grown-up atmosphere is perfect for relaxed conversation.

I Colori del Vino    €€
Via Aureliana, 15 (00187)
Tel. 06-474-1745

Aurora 10 da Pino Il Sommelier

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:: Rome : Via Veneto
A seriously old-school Roman seafood restaurant, complete with black and white photos of 1950’s celebrities. (Several members of the staff look as though they have been working here since then.) Pino himself seems to have lost none of his energy for running a very tight ship with a lot of personality. We took his recommendation for a seafood salad antipasto, and it was gorgeous. Their spaghetti con vongole is one of the best I’ve had.

Aurora 10 da Pino Il Sommelier    €€
Via Aurora, 10 (00187)
Tel. 06-474-2779